Work Package 7:

Development of a Risk Model for (severe) Neuropathic Pain


1) To receive and store data from WPs 1-6, providing access to members of the consortium

2) To identify the prognosis (incidence and progression) of neuropathic pain, in the general population and in those with specific risk factors

3) To build a multi-dimensional model of risk factors associated with neuropathic pain and severe neuropathic pain, based on genetic and environmental factors

4) To test the ability of this model to predict the development and progression of neuropathic pain

Description of work

A number of environmental (clinical and psychosocial) factors are known to be associated with neuropathic pain, based on previous studies. These studies are mainly cross-sectional and/or small, and do not provide sufficient information to predict onset, progression or outcomes of neuropathic pain. Cohort harmonization (WP1) will allow detailed cross-sectional measurement of all available association data, particularly from the two large population cohorts (GoDARTS1 and GS:SFHS2). Data from these and from WP2 (genetic), WP3 (molecular), WP4, (sensory), WP5 (physiological) and WP6 (psychosocial) associations will be sent to Health Informatics Centre Services (Dundee), where they will be stored securely and made available to members of the consortium, through the remote-access Safe Haven. This will create a rich, unparalleled integrated source for identifying the potential risk factors associated with neuropathic pain and its outcomes. In conjunction with WP6, these will be tested longitudinally by questionnaire, where possible, for their predictive ability through follow-up of participants in GoDARTS. Factors found to be associated with the development, progression and adverse outcomes of neuropathic pain will be combined to form a predictive model that will be tested in GS:SFHS and in the other clinical cohorts. A final clinical risk model will be proposed, ready for validation in clinical settings.

WP7 publications

The risk model can be requested by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

WP leader: University of Dundee