Work Package 6:

The Impact of psychosocial factors on risk for neuropathic pain


1) Identification of the psychosocial risk profile for neuropathic pain

2) Development of a screening tool for psychosocial risk factors for neuropathic pain

Description of work

In this WP led by Geert Crombez (Gent) we will systematically investigate the role of psychosocial and lifestyle variables in the development of neuropathic pain. Furthermore in conjunction with WP7 we will develop a validated screening tool that is user-friendly and accepted by end-users (clinicians and patients). The datasets from available clinical cohorts (WP1), and the possibility to re-contact members of the cohorts allow user-friendliness and acceptability which will be key features of WP6. The identification of psychosocial and lifestyle risk factors may provide opportunities for collaborative care and for the use of psychological interventions (psycho-education, lifestyle change techniques, and cognitive-behavioural techniques). To guarantee these key features, end users (clinician, and patient groups from different countries) will be actively involved during several phases of this work package. Patients from patient representative groups (e.g. “Vlaamse Pijn Liga”) will be carefully selected to represent diverse age groups, men as well as women. This will additionally enable us to address age- and gender sensitive issues that might determine the success of the developed screening tool. The participants from this WP are well-suited, and have the skills and competencies to accomplish the objectives. There is abundant expertise with systematic reviews, meta-analyses, questionnaire development, and online assessment (Geert Crombez, Stefaan Van Damme & Dimitri Van Ryckeghem).

WP6 publications

The screening tool can be requested by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

WP leader: Universiteit Gent