Work Package 5:

Peripheral and central physiological measures as determinants of pain risk


1) To define ‘excitability phenotypes’ for peripheral sensory axons that allow identification of the set of excitability measures predictive for the development of pain in patients following nerve injury.

2) To identify parameters of resting and pain event related EEG recordings that either: (i) predict development of neuropathic pain in susceptible patients (longitudinal study), or (ii) correlate with parameters of clinical pain and of pain processing in existing pain (cross sectional study), making an objective pain biomarker.

3) To develop a neuropathic “phenotype” based on EEG.

Description of work

The main objective of WP5 is to develop a functional characterization of peripheral and central nervous system function to obtain “electrophysiological phenotypes” that are predictive for the development of pain after nerve damage. This work package will put special emphasis on standardization and identical protocol adherence between the project members. This work package will be led by Jordi Serra (NT).

WP5 publications

WP leader: Neuroscience Technologies