Work Package 1:

Harnessing and harmonising clinical cohorts for studying neuropathic pain determinants and risk


1) To identify and recruit patients with established or at risk of neuropathic pain for study in WPs 2-7, including:

  • Neuropathic pain of diverse causes from the population.
  • Painful and painless diabetic neuropathy.
  • Postsurgical patients at risk of developing neuropathic pain as a prospective cohort.
  • Mendelian disorders causing primary neuropathic pain.

2)  To harmonise phenotyping of these patient cohorts.


Description of work

As a consortium we have already generated some significant patient cohorts with ethical approvals in place and including male and female participants. These cohorts will be harmonised and then extended as part of DOLORisk. In order to try and develop a representative picture of neuropathic pain we will include recruitment at both population level as well as highly phenotyped subjects from secondary care. We will also complement cross sectional studies with prospective samples in order to develop a risk algorithm (WP7). Although neuropathic pain is heterogeneous with regards to aetiologies categorization of neuropathic pain patients should not be based solely on their aetiology but rather on their shared clinical phenotypes which may represent common pain mechanisms. The harmonisation of phenotyping of these cohorts within DOLORisk will enable us to carefully delineate sensory phenotype and furthermore to relate this to pathophysiological mechanisms (in WPs 2-6).

WP1 publications

WP leader: INSERM