Executive Summary

Neuropathic pain is common (population prevalence of 7-8%) and will present a rising health burden in the future. Neuropathic pain results in significant morbidity, reduces quality of life and has a major deleterious impact on health in aging. The reason why some subjects develop neuropathic pain and others do not following the same injury is not known. The exact nature of risk factors for neuropathic pain and their interaction are currently poorly understood and will be the focus of the project “DOLORisk: Understanding risk factors and determinants for neuropathic pain”.

The DOLORisk consortium involves members of established academic European consortia studying pain/genomics and neuropathy as well as the SMEs Neuroscience Technologies and Mentis Cura. The project will be highly translational and the starting point will be the study of patients with neuropathic pain or at risk of developing neuropathic pain.